Get perfect nails with our extensive range of polishes from Orly, China Glaze to Essie. Keep your nails look gorgeous up to two weeks with no peeling or chipping with our Gelish polish.

Service Name Retail Price(VAT inclusive) Duration
Traditional Manicure  AED                70.00 45m
Traditional Manicure - French  AED                80.00 1h
Traditional Pedicure  AED                80.00 45m
Traditional Pedicure - French  AED                90.00 1h
Gel Manicure  AED              135.00 1h
Gel Pedicure  AED              145.00 1h
Gel Manicure - French  AED              145.00 1h
Gel Pedicure - French  AED              155.00 1h
 Princess Manicure  AED                25.00 30m
Princess Pedicure  AED                25.00
Traditional Manicure /Pedicure Combo  AED              130.00 1h 30m
Traditional French Manicure/Pedicure Combo  AED              140.00 1h 30m
Gel Manicure/Pedicure Combo  AED              260.00 2 h
Gel Manicure/Pedicure French Combo  AED              280.00 2h
 Buffing  AED                40.00 30m
 Shape and Buff  AED                50.00 25m
Exfoliating Scrub  AED                50.00 30m
 Gel Polish Removal  AED                25.00 30m
Polish Change - Hands  AED                30.00 30m
Polish Change - Feet  AED                40.00 30m
Polish Change - Hands French  AED                40.00 30m
Polish Change - Feet French  AED                50.00 30m
 Gel Polish Change Hands  AED                80.00 45m
Gel Polish Change Feet  AED                90.00 45m
Glitter Effect per nail  AED                10.00 15m
Glitter Effect full set  AED                50.00 30m
 Nail Art (per stone)  AED                  3.00 15m
 Chrome Nail (per nail)  AED                10.00 15m
Nail Art (per nail)  AED                15.00 15m
 Clear Chrome full set  AED                50.00 45m
 Chrome Nail Full Set  AED                80.00 1h
Nail Extensions Acrylic Full Set  AED              315.00 2h
Nail Extension Infill  AED              220.00 2h
 Fake Nail Tips  AED              100.00 45m
Nail Repair (per nail)  AED                15.00 30m
Nail Extension Removal  AED                80.00 1h 30m
Full Set Acrylic with Ombre  AED              400.00 3h
 Callus Removal Treatment  AED              100.00 45m
 Paraffin Treatment Hands  AED              130.00 30m
Paraffin Treatment Feet  AED              140.00 30m
 Paraffin Hands & Feet  AED              240.00 1h