Get perfect nails with our extensive range of polishes from Orly, China Glaze to Essie. Keep your nails look gorgeous up to two weeks with no peeling or chipping with our Gelish polish.

Service Name Retail Price(VAT inclusive) Duration
Blowdry - Short Hair  AED                      80.00 45m
Blowdry - Medium Hair  AED                    120.00 1h
Blowdry - Long Hair  AED                    180.00 1h 30m
Blow dry ad-ons  AED                      50.00 30m
Hair Mask Ad-ons  AED                      50.00 20m
 Princess Hair Wash  AED                      30.00 30m
 Hair Wash  AED                      50.00 45m
 Hair Braiding  AED                      50.00 45m
 Ironing  AED                    100.00 45m
 Hair Curling  AED                    150.00 45m
 Princess Haircut (6 yrs below)  AED                      60.00 1h
Cut and Blow Dry - Junior Stylist  AED                    210.00 1h
Cut and Blow Dry - Senior Stylist  AED                    260.00 1h
Cut and Blow Dry - Restyle (4inch or more)  AED                    315.00 1h 30m
Fringe Cut  AED                      35.00 30m
Highlights - Half Head  AED                    350.00 45m
Highlights - Full Head  AED                    450.00 1h 30m
Toner & Rinse  AED                    150.00 20m
Permanent Root Colour  AED                    250.00 30m
Full Head Permanent Colour  AED                    350.00 45m
iNOA Full Head Colour  AED                    450.00 45m
iNOA Root Colour  AED                    350.00 30m
Own color application  AED                    100.00 1h
 T-section  AED                    250.00 30m
 Scalp Bleaching  AED                    450.00 45m
High Lift Tint Roots  AED                    450.00 45m
Hair Treatments - Hair Oil  AED                    120.00 45m
Hair Treatments - Hair Mask  AED                    150.00 45m
Wet Cut - Junior Stylist  AED                    100.00 30m
Wet Cut - Senior Stylist  AED                    150.00 30m
Keratin Bonds/Tape per pc  AED                      10.00 30m
Hair Keratin /Botox  AED                    600.00 3h
Hair Extension Removal  AED                    105.00 1h
 Hair Extensions Maintenance  AED                    500.00 2h
Steam Protein  AED                    500.00 1h
 Crystal Keratin (S)  AED                    750.00 3h
 Crystal Keratin (M)  AED                    900.00 3h
Crystal Keratin (L)  AED                 1,100.00 4h
 Crystal Protein (S)  AED                    850.00 3h
 Crystal Protein (M)  AED                 1,000.00 3h
 Crystal Protein(L)  AED                 1,200.00 4h